Emily Pope (b. 1993, Canada) is a painter living and working in Toronto, Canada. Her work explores the pairing of her body with symbolic elements and settings to amplify her experiences of womanhood. Pope's paintings aim to provide clarity and coherence to the intangible experiences of the human condition, presenting an inward life of daydreams on canvas. By centering herself as the figure in her art, Pope engages in a process of self-exploration and self-expression, creating a deeply personal body of work.

Recent exhibitions include “Foundations” with Sens Gallery, hosted by Artsy (2023), “The Night Show” with Dahlia SL Gallery, Mexico City (2023), “Flowers & Thorns” at Eve Leibe Gallery, Turin, Italy (2023), “Eve Presents Number Three” at Eve Leibe Gallery, London, UK (2023), “The Sudden Opening of Little Leaves” at Pictorum Gallery, London, UK (2023), and her inaugural solo show, “Shaping the Invisible,” at Sens Gallery, Hong Kong, China (2023/2024)."

Pope is represented by Sens Gallery in the Asia-Pacific regions. 

Photo by Erik Marcinkowski

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